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H’ORO NERO: rock style smoothed by a new romantic style

The H’Oro Nero brand is absolutely young, and it has been founded in 2017 with a special mission of becoming the representative for a new Made in Italy concept conveying strong feelings.


The marketing research, carefully carried out by the brand season after season, can indeed guarantee an innovative production with a highly stylistic content. The consumer base of H’Oro Nero includes highly sophisticated people in terms of style, and, for this reason, the brand’s mission has become that of fully satisfying the customers’ needs. Each pair of shoes is generated from the merging of innovative design and high quality materials.


The brand’s philosophy resides upon a sense of harmony, which is generated between the sophistication and the practicality obtained by matching the two colours composing the brand’s name. The value of gold (“Horo”) and the versatility of black (“Nero”) perfectly represent the identity of this young brand which aims at impressing and entertaining its clientèle.


The Rock style – smoothed by a new romantic style – is the top feature for the next Fall-Winter 2019/20 collection. Boots made in soft leather, with heart-shaped embroidery works, and enriched with small meshed chains. To determine the identity for the constant of this company’s production – i.e. the block-heeled shoes – are this time the accessories: in a Rock mood, or in a Romantic style. Each model is created through the passion of this small artisans company, which has a strong impact on the buyers’ feelings when they make their purchase, while reinterpreting the Made in Italy concept.

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