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Hide&Jack: a “Urban-Tech” collection for the FW 19/20

Quality, artisanal skills and made-in-Italy style: Hide&Jack – a footwear brand founded in 2014 by brothers Alberto and Nicola Franceschi – is now presenting its new FW 19/20 “Urban Tech” Collection. Hide&Jack sneaker shoes show their hidden side, their urban soul through the introduction of water-resistant and wind-proof materials.


The URBAN model is thus created, featuring a lacing system drawing inspiration from the Outdoor style, in combination with a Tech fabric and an opacified version in Crocodile leather. The NEON line is a celebration of duality through the element which has always characterised Hide&Jack’s sneakers: the sole. The main character is here the ESSENCE model, to be proposed in bi-colour versions in Fluo rubberized leather. This shoe features a sole in a colour combination which is different from each other: a transparent sole and a black one, a detail which cannot go unnoticed. For the 2019/20 season, the soles for SPEEDBUMP and JET models become red, a unique feature introduced in 2014 by Hide&Jack, which is now the distinctive characteristic of the brand’s style.

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