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Helder Antwerp: when fashion meets sustainability

Helder Antwerp is a sustainable fashion brand of Haute Couture founded by Ramona Stoica in 2016. Its mission is clear: creating an eco-friendly and sustainable brand to fill the gap between Fashion and the respect for people and the Planet wellbeing. For the fw 19-20 collection, Helder got inspired by the life of nomads, which is reflected in the use of bold colours, colourful prints and sustainable fabrics. The Earth climate is changing drastically, people are migrating and natural resources are running out so the life of the nomad is changing consequently.


All is intertwined. As a result, our way of thinking about fashion and clothing needs to be adapted to this new reality. Helder fw 19 is designed in function of these changing times. The collection is multifunctional: a dress that can be worn as a jacket or pants that are wrinkle free so you can change from day to night or from casual to chic in just a minute. Helder trademark, our hand painted, digitally printed prints are the base of the collection. Helder is always looking for innovative fabrics to work with. The pièce de résistance of this collection is the bright red skirt made out of piñatex. Piñatex is an inovative natural, sustainably produced textile made form pineapple leaf fibre.

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