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Glassing: cutting-edge and continuously evolving eyewear

The brand has been founded in Ibiza in 2010. During that year’s Summer, Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone, two friends born and grown up in Milan, decided, almost for fun, to create their own collection of sunglasses to be marketed at Disco Clubs and at automatic vending machines. In a short time, not only Ibiza but also Milan and the fashion industry started to take a great interest in Glassing. The brand began to produce the Music Skin collection, which reproduces an original skin effect over the frame, while, in 2011, it has been granted with the Vogue Talent award, becoming an internationally recognized brand.


Since its beginnings, Glassing has distinguished itself for its inclination towards experimentation and innovation and the creation of cutting-edge eyewear. For the design process, the brand has been collaborating with Istituto Marangoni (based in Milan) and with this design school’s students, who are young and always offering bold, freshly new ideas. As far as production is concerned, the brand relies on the expertise of the best Italian production plants for the sector, which can guarantee for a unique hand-made fabrication.

In particular, the Prismick collection (above) draws inspiration from geometry. Lights, reflection and full or empty angles make this piece of eyewear absolutely unique in its size and dynamical style. All glass frames are made in acetate and they have an imposing form, conferring to the face and look a unique character.

Below is the Slay Sporty mask basic 6 wrapping the face. Metal frame and grey gradient lens for men and bubble pink for women.

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