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Giòsa Milano: la bottega del coccodrillo

Giòsa, La Bottega del Coccodrillo is an artisan workshop where Giorgio Santamaria and his staff work on developing a unique range of products made of crocodile aiming to appeal and offer its customers a valuable and long lasting item. Giòsa is committed to fulfil their clients desires thanks to its expertise and its wide availability of the finest leathers, colour ranges and finishes. The “Giòsa” project was launched in 2004 with the aim to develop its own unique label, offering its clients the possibility to acquire a wide range of items, exclusively in crocodile, with desire being the only limit. During the last few years, the wish to expand and further develop Giòsa has led Giorgio Santamaria to travel abroad to discover new territories where the “Made in Italy” label has always been appreciated and treasured.

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