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Giorgia Arcidiacono FW 19-20: a collection to discover

The new Giorgia Arcidiacono FW19_20 collection with a bohemian flavour is a hymn to unconventionality, through the meeting of cultures and colours that are combined. The creations are designed for timeless “Goddesses”, able to colour the reality of bright shades, without seasons and cultural limitations. The expressive freedom is translated into the combination of medieval style clothes, contaminated by the exotic flavours of the East to arrive to the unmistakable Parisienne elegance. The soft and delicate silhouettes embrace the body as if to redraw its contours. The precious fabrics of Mohaire wool and silk, presented with bright colours are skilfully combined with jersey with optical prints and hand-washed denim that gives greater concreteness to the weights and is tinged with artistic nuances. The “Marrakech” print refers to the land of a thousand colours.

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