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Frank Lloyd Wright inspires Chorustyle

One of the masterpieces by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright becomes the source of inspiration for the new collection created by Chorustyle: with a precise objective, the Italian brand presents a new collection featuring a “systematic architecture”, to offer a pioneering lifestyle. Style draws inspiration from the geometric cuts of light and the structures of the Fallingwater Building, where harmony between the artificial and the natural environment, humankind and nature, creates a futuristic lifestyle. A concept which is close to Chorustyle’s philosophy.


The aptitude is active in the next Spring-Summer 2020 collection by Chorustyle, getting inspiration from two iconic sport activities: tennis and free body gymnastics. The daily style is reinterpreted in a sporty way through a modern, sophisticated approach. Chorustyle’s proposals, both for men and women, are increasingly characterised by the usage of natural, eco-sustainable products, including the Oeko-Tex certified textile. These elements reflect the brand’s mission aiming at improving everybody’s well-being. All clothing articles are designed for consumers living in a city but who love open air activities and outdoor environments, and who are characterised by a dynamic lifestyle to be conducted between Natural and Urban space. The “wardrobe” is thus essential, even if paying attention to details; it is informal and, at the same time, sophisticated, with a special outfit dedicated to Running. The brand’s offer is addressed to and reinterprets the classical tailoring art, while adding performance and functionality.

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