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Esemplare turns back to its origins with the SS 2020 collection

This brand’s inspiration comes from the Ocean, both in its eco-sustainable concept and through style references. Recycled materials are dyed in blue or cobalt blue for the clothing articles, which respect the traditional lines of menswear but which are also reinterpreted in a modern style, including a technological innovation.


The research activity by Esemplare is tangible in the heat-bonded taping system, the laser cutting process, and the ultrasounds-based processing, which are the most sophisticated technology in the Outwear industry.

The reversible, contrast heat-bond taping system of the Esemplare line perfectly recaps the brand’s quest for merging the most advanced technology with a particular attention for eco-sustainability.


Designed in two different versions – Sheel and Trench – for different uses, the line is developed in a three-layer, recycled, water repellent and inner bonded fabric to obtain the maximum resistance. The item sections are cut by laser and heat-bonded with a taping system featuring a colour-contrast in the inner part. All models are built on the iconic brand’s overturned “Y” and they are reversible for a double fit.

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