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Doriano Missora unveils his secrets as Visual Merchandiser

Can you tell us how your passion for fashion was initially born? Why did you choose to specialise in Visual Merchandising?
My passion for Fashion started in Mantua (Italy), my home city, many years ago. When I was a child, after school, I used to visit my father at his atelier and I dreamed about that world with my imagination. At the end of high school, I moved to Milan to start my university studies on Architecture, meanwhile I attended for Design and Window Dressing courses in the evening. I was extremely yearning for helping shops in creating spectacular windows or shop sets, especially in the most prestigious streets of Milan (Via della Spiga, Via Monte Napoleone), where the then rising stylists were opening their own stores.


Today, people is not buying for necessity but they are mostly basing their purchases on the feelings and emotion which a product can offer to them. For that reason, Visual Merchandising is a fundamental aspect. Tell us more about your job experience.
The Visual Merchandiser job is aimed at satisfying the customer’s five senses, by proposing to him/her creative windows and, inside the shop, by welcoming him/her with perfumes, feelings, qualified personnel, so as to enjoy a complete shopping experience, and to offer full gratification.


How did you found the Doriano Missora’s team?
I founded the Doriano Missora’s team together with different professionals: stylists, designers, artists and scenographers, as well as internal visual merchandisers. All of them have contributed to the birth of the “Doriano Missora team” and to the development of a new idea: i.e., to create a real school for visual merchandising. So the Doriano Missora team School was opened in our building in Milan, where we now offer courses and sessions on window dressing, visual merchandising, sales techniques, food full-immersion experiences, as well as special learning units for bookshops, beauticians and wedding designers.

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