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Design and Fashion together for Ethics

During the next Fall Design Week, within its showroom, Lualdi will host the fashion-exhibition event entitled “Abitare CANGIARI, etica e design”, taking place from 11th to 20th of October, at Showroom LUALDI, in Foro Buonaparte 74, Milano. Official opening on 10th of October 2017.


The event top player will be CANGIARI, the first high-end brand of ethical fashion within the Italian market, produced in the Calabria region (Italy) by GOEL – Gruppo Cooperativo.


This brand’s history is particularly interesting, with important cultural developments: CANGIARI has succeeded in recovering and enhancing the traditional heritage design of hand-made Calabria textile weaving works of ancient Greek-Calabria and Byzantine origins, by protecting a complex form of art from oblivion. These works and techniques were orally handed down from mother to daughter, through the mouth of the old women called “majistre” (i.e., teachers), singing lullabies and old chants denominated “nenie”. And it is in the very capacity of creating unique pieces that Lualdi and CANGIARI found their ideal match. With the same vision used by CANGIARI in the recovery of the ancient tradition, in the course of the years, Lualdi has indeed been able to transform the family-own joinery shop into a company capable of customising its own production, according to the most differentiated project needs.

The Lualdi showroom in Milan.

Cangiari is the first high-end brand of ethical fashion in Italy.

In particular, the exhibition will tell the history of CANGIARI weaving art through videos and photos in B&W, together with a selection of precious hand-made garments by CANGIARI. Visitors will also see the prototypes of the first nucleus of the home accessory collection, which has been realised by the creative and production community at CANGIARI, upon the completion of the innovative experimental LabBrain Design workshop (based on the principles of Design Thinking), held last June by Patrizia Scarzella and Valentina Downey in Calabria (Italy).

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