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Courrèges SS20 unveiled over the Canal Saint-Martin

A futuristic atmosphere lights up the new SS 2020 Collection signed by Courrèges, remaining loyal to the brand’s inclination. Since the very beginning, the brand has chosen simple lines and vivid colours, taking our imagination towards a far-distant galaxy.


For the new season, the German designer, Yolanda Zobel, head of the brand’s Artistic Direction, has marked a new trend in fashion. Orange, bright green, knitwear to be matched to vinyl, the material which better represents this French brand. But for the next collection, vinyl is getting eco-sustainable as it is made from algae. A change that represents the brand’s determination in aligning with modern market, where the consumers are always more and more sensitive and aware of the environmental impact derived from purchased clothing.


The partnership with the Brazilian, no-profit Instituto-e organization founded by Oskar Metsavaht (aimed at transforming Brazil into a model of sustainability) marks a turning point for the Paris-based fashion house.


According to Instituto-e and Courrèges, “Our goal is to show how, with creativity, design and ethical awareness, we can break the walls or the barriers of an industry. It’s up to us, designers and citizens of the world, to create a more sustainable or a more circular fashion. It’s a call to action: to be ASAP | As sustainable as possible | As soon as possible!”

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