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A better future is a responsibility for everybody: this is the philosophy which the Spanish footwear brand, Callaghan, has undertaken. With over 50-year expertise in the footwear industry, Callaghan has always had a clear mission: to create a unique product, fabricated with top quality craftsmanship and capable of improving the final user’s life quality. The objective is also that of stimulating the desire of spending more time outdoors, in the open air, thanks to the premium fit and comfort offered by its footwear. A constant innovation process is a fundamental element on which Callaghan has based its competitive strategy, by always looking for features, design, materials, processing techniques and services capable of offering unique and comfortable products to its customers. All this is done in a perfectly eco-sustainable working environment. The company’s production plants make use of 100%-renewable energy, but that’s not all. Recently, Callaghan has planted in Arnedo, the Spanish city where the brand headquarters are based, a forest of 6 hectares with over 30,000 trees which can compensate 100% of the CO2 emissions generated by the production process.


Currently, Callaghan can boast a consolidated activity in over 30 countries thanks to its progressive internationalization strategy. Its sales volume overcomes a total amount of 1 million pairs of shoes per year, of which 35% are exported. The company includes a net of 2,500 sales points across the world. In Italy, the brand has opened 800 sales points with a 20% increase in 2018.

The Callaghan Adaptaction Technology adjusts the shoe to the natural motion of the human foot and to the size changes during the walk.
The innovative design of this shoe’s double-density sole recreates the waves of the sea, offering a great impact absorption and returning the energy when walking, to offer the maximum stability.
The "Callaghan O2" forest occupies 6 hectares of land planted with pines and oaks.
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