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Cains Moore presents its new collection during “Italy In Circuit”

Synonym with high quality and style, Cains Moore has recently presented its new FW 2016-2017 collection during the “Italy in Circuit” event organized by Confindustria Giovani (the Italian Association of Young Entrepreneurs) on 9th/10th of September, at the Misano World Circuit in Misano Adriatico (Italy). During the catwalk, in connection with the main topic of the discussion hold by the speaking experts (i.e., the Circular Economy), sophisticated and high-quality clothing articles have been shown off. Among the different fine yarns presented, a cashmere composed of 12 threads twisted together, softly mixing solid colours with melange colours in nuance, and ‘sweetening’ the fantasy of a boutonné yarn. The catwalk has ended with 100%-cashmere, 80%/20% cashmere/silk, and Tasmania wool clothes.

Thanks to its usage of the valuable Cariaggi’s spinning method, Cains Moore creates part of its collection by using Guado, a natural dyeing of plant origin. This valuable and ancient dyeing for the textile industry can be used to obtain a wide range of tones, from sky blue to turquoise or cobalt blue.

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