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BOOK interviews Federico Semino, Press Manager for Erika Cavallini

#Flower designer Cecilia Fox has become the source of inspiration for the new SS 20 Collection: can you tell us how Erika Cavallini brand has realised the amazing combination of flora with fashion?
Flowers do always come together with a feeling.
Each flower expresses itself through its own colours, scent, form or movement, and it embodies a unique, deep significance. These feelings contribute to the story described by Erika Cavallini’s Summer 2020 Collection: an unexpected inner garden where the very female models have become “floral installations” and where womanliness and lightness are interpreted in a contemporary, ironic way. The modern movements scheme, together with the selection of a multi-ethnic casting, is intended to offer an up-to-date, contemporary aptitude, seamlessly representing our Erika Cavallini project.


#Erika Cavallini is an Italian brand which has succeeded in consolidating its presence across the Italian market, notwithstanding the recent economic recession and political crisis. On your opinion, what are the factors determining the brand’s success?
We have always protected our identity with determination, without forgetting the brand’s core values. Of course, this is a fundamental aspect when you want to be considered as a reliable brand and you want to create a brand identity which today is particularly difficult to convey. The choices in terms of style, communications and distribution have always been made by following a common direction, while, in some cases, sudden twists and turns have occurred to respond to the market’s incoming needs.
We firmly believe that the only way to go ahead and expand our business is to preserve our own identity, without ignoring the market’s requests, but without following the crazy speeds at which the market “devours” the true or presumed novelties.


#The distribution of Erika Cavallini production has been entrusted to the Showroom of Riccardo Grassi. Why?
For the Italian market, we manage our customer base directly from our headquarters offices in Milan. But for the international market, we have entrusted our distribution to Riccardo Grassi’s Showroom, which represents the best possible choice for a fashion-contemporary brand willing to expand in multiple segments or world markets. This Showroom’s customers pack is absolutely varied and of high quality; the professional services offered by the organization (operating from Milan to Paris) are excellent and, during the last years of our collaboration, our partnership has constantly improved, also thanks to the exchange of ideas with a staff who has real, direct contacts with global market.

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