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Probably arisen from an uncontrollable desire for holidays, exotic destinations and crystal-clear waters where one can sink his/her own thoughts, the Floral and Tropical mood has largely widespread with no restraints today. Vivid colours, flower petals and palms are multiplied within the the next SS20 collections, covering over clothing articles of different typologies, such as Palazzo trousers, blouses or longuette skirts or mini dresses.


Flowers during spring are not certainly pure avant-guard innovation. As a matter of fact, it is not so unusual to find on collections dedicated to the warm season patterns with flowers or summer referencing elements – the true innovation is the ever changing interpretations offered by designers.
Tropical prints are not missing on holiday outfits, but they take a breath of cool air into the Metropolitan City’s busy streets, where holidays are never contemplated.


While intrinsically beautiful and available in millions of different nuances, flower stalks, petals and palms – though considered by some as eccentric or unwearable motives – blossom up within the collections over Total Looks and outwear, becoming the emblem of an unstoppable Flower Power.

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