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Best Trends: SEQUINS

Traditionally associated to important events or elegant Looks, sequins are now introduced in large quantity for the next season’s collections, while leaving apart their traditional habitat.
Almost accepted for daily outfits, sequins (also known as “paillettes”) have made a “U turn”, officially entering Casualwear. Here, even if there is the risk of exaggerating, the main goal is that of “downplaying” the volumes.
Clothing lines are clean, volumes are rigorous, but the downpour of micro and macro sequins offers unparalleled brightness.


These shining elements will impose themselves as a “must-have” for the next Spring-Summer 2020, drawing inspiration mainly from the legendary 1980s across the most varied collections, from Haute Couture to the boldest Street style.
Leggings, flair pants, short or midi skirts and gowns will become dazzling and metallic-dyed in bronze, gold and silver, including boldest, sexiest fuchsia, varnish red, electric blue and rainbow colours.
Sequins are going to become a new architectural form, creating a variety of patterns and dimensions, in different sizes. They will include rectangular, large or thin sequins, forms that allow to define the feminine silhouette perfectly.

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