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Riding on current fashion trends and identifying the consumers purchasing trends in real time are part of a fundamental strategy to monitor the market, anticipating the production and the following sales. This is the main objective for WGSN Instock, a powerful sales analysis platform offering data on the market best-selling products in order to enhance the purchasing and merchandising decisions.
By analysing the sales across the United Kingdom in the last seasons, the company has found out significant information for the next 2020 fashion trends as well.


In particular, the podium of the 2019 Sell-Out market can be summed-up as follows: WOMANLINESS, BASIC STYLE and MIDSEASON.
Womanliness is represented by the feminine garment par excellence, i.e., the gown, especially in its “midi” version, which has totalled a sales increase by 23.4% if compared to other market’s novelties.
Basic Style has indeed gone beyond its significance as a mere trend, by officially consolidating itself as a leading market element, which is sold and has become sold-out at the original price.
To conclude, climate change and the uncertain weather conditions have favoured the sale of “medium-weight” clothing, which is ideal for the so-called mid-season; in this regards, jeans – especially in neutral nuances -, jumpsuits and suit jackets have become absolutely popular, becoming a top player in their category.

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