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So small to be held in a hand, funny and fizzy, mini-bags – also known as “nano-bags” – are becoming absolutely popular on the runways.
They are true microscopic bags that can hardly contain the inalienable smartphone and some cash.


Some people consider them as useless accessories, others consider them as a smart solution. In any case, it cannot be denied that they could be nominated as the “Best Main Accessory” at the Oscars of fashion.
These micro-stars are laying the foundations for a true Minimal and Essential Revolution in womenswear: i.e., to go out from home with what is strictly necessary.


Mini bags represent style and womanliness essence: small treasure chests, full of charm and character, making every look so special.
Designed in the minimum details, these bags are enriched with stones, embroidery works and fluo colours to be “moulded” in the most varied forms. Square, bucket-alike or neck-hanging like charms, mini-bags convert into “giants” and cannot pass unnoticed.

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