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Benetton launches a gender equality campaign in India

By restating its commitment towards women’s empowerment and legitimation throughout the world, United Colors of Benetton launches #UnitedByHalf – a campaign born in India to promote gender equality, which is expected to be disseminated globally during the International Women’s Day.


Like the previous campaign denominated #UnitedbyDonts that was implemented last year all over India, the new #UnitedByHalf campaign tries to attract the attention on one of the social issues that the Women Empowerment Program’s projects are attempting to resolve. As a matter of fact, both campaigns are challenging the stereotypes directly connected with the role of women, that are so widespread in India. Supported by important figures and celebrities across India, the new campaign has started on Valentine’s Day to promote a higher gender equality within human relationships. During the International Women’s Day, the campaign will be launched globally, with the intention of inducing people to think, talk and act in support of women’s empowerment.


India represents the largest market for Benetton outside Italy. The brand is particularly popular among men, who are also the main target for this new campaign which tries to persuade them to recognize women as a same-level partner, and to highlight the need for a true gender equality.

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