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The SS2019 by Benedetta Boroli

The collection bearing the name of Benedetta Boroli comes from her previous job experiences in the Contemporary Arts industry and from her daily life activity in Milan.


The interiors recreated at Hangar Bicocca, in collaboration with Fondazione Lucio Fontana, draw inspiration from the designer’s works realised from 1949 to 1968; those spaces do indeed represent the beginning of a new innovation process. The shoes heel recalls a sculpture work, a simple play of lines creating a sinuous effect.


Colours are visibly brilliant but, at the same time, they are delicate and refined: through their mixing and cross-matching, they contribute to create new geometric dimensions. The patchwork is a synthesis of valuable materials which make the iconic patterns even more precious. Finally, the introduction of a customised lettering print is the true signature of designer Benedetta, making each creation unique and more recognizable.

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