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AssoCalzaturifici supports ‘Made-In’ with a special exhibition

To bring the importance of Made-in protection back to the centre of the European discussion, AssoCalzaturifici (the Italian Association of Shoe Makers) will promote in Brussels – in collaboration with the cultural association denominated  Colosseum – a special exhibition entitled “Italian Shoes, European Footprint” at the seat of the European Parliament. As reported in the official note, the event will represent an opportunity for “bringing to the EU attention the need for an appropriate legislation protecting the excellence of manufacturing, as well as the right for European consumers of knowing what they are buying through the introduction of a mandatory origin labelling”.

“Made-in protection should be a top priority for Italy in Europe“, commented Annarita Pilotti, President at Assocalzaturifici. “We have been discussing about it for 10 years, but negotiations have always generated unsatisfactory results in so far. Is it possible that the European Parliament has clearly expressed itself in favour of mandatory labelling with a large majority while the European Council has denied to this majority the right of obtaining a fair and equitable law? For several years, without any results, we have been trying to guarantee a civil law which could provide sufficient information to the end consumers about the product geographic origin. I wonder: who is afraid of Made-in protection? With the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, a strong opposer of origin labelling, we are wondering whether there are now the conditions for a majority supporting the proposal contained in the Art. 7 of the Security Package of products or with a dedicated standard”.

The iconic shoes on display range from the Twenties to the present day.

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