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ANNA E ALEX: simply a joyful state of mind

Anna e Alex is fond of our country’s antique artistic excellences and it is thus dedicated to enhance and respect Italy’s artisanal tradition. The creativity of brand, entrusted to the experience and talent of a select group of artisans, gives life to an infinite combination of unique shapes. In the passementerie ateliers, threads of silks, cottons and natural viscose are tinted, folded and interwoven with antique looms, or hand braided into complex and unique designs which terminate with a single stitch.


For what concerns the cameos, Anna e Alex has respected the eminent ‘Torre del Greco’ tradition. The skilled craftsmen select, cut and hand carve Sardonyx shells, masterfully depicting his minute and detailed designs. It is also in Torre del Greco where the artisans prepare the base of our lava creations. The Vesuvian lava is cut, smoothed and polished, and adorned with gold designed motifs. Inspired by the antique miniature jewels, Anna e Alex has designed decorative representations of different artistic movements, historical moments or simply nature’s beauty.


Anna e Alex gave life to these motifs by applying a new cold polishing technique on natural cotton. Anna e Alex has paid homage to the ancient metal embossing and chiseling workmanship with collections that play with silver, fabric and resin. Anna e Alex has also introduced jewellery with enamel, a vitreous paste delicately inlaid by hand into engraved silver bases.

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