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American Vintage: Time for men!

Growing season after season, the American Vintage men’s collection offers a complete wardrobe for autumn/winter 2019-2020. Between classic pieces and sporty influences, it imposes its style, always with the perfect twist. The American Vintage man feels at home everywhere. In the city, in the countryside, in his friends’ homes. Influenced by the diversity of the world around him, he mixes modern pieces and classics, wrapping himself in the iconic reassuring and fines materials of the brand: wool, Italian yarn, alpaca, French velvet and cotton. The bottom of a flannel shirt with an old-school print peeks out from beneath his oversized campus-inspired sweatshirt. Raw denim structures his look. Worn with the simplicity of an accessory, an ultra-supple wool coat thrown over his shoulders perfects his silhouette and envelops him in generous comfort. Essential, timeless and universal.

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