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Alpha Studio: history & philosophy

The ALPHA STUDIO collection was born as knitwear line inspired by the arts, youth and literature. Alpha as the first letter of the Greek alphabet, as a symbol of “start” for a new clothing language, where garments are ranging from classical to “new basic” styles, to elegant fashion concepts assorted containing several kinds of fitting and materials.


The result is a creative manufacture with particular attention to the quality, taste and originality. What has always distinguished the collections is the taste “ALPHA STUDIO”, a taste that can be continually renewed interpreting all the trends of the season in a “refined, modern and sophisticated way”, always maintaining its own identity.


A team of selected professionals sales team for the distribution of its products worldwide, the care of its customers and the attention to their needs are the main company purpose. Women and men collections are created by the intern selected and professional company staff and all the creativities as ideas, sketches and communications projects come out from Alpha Studio headquarter.

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