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Top five Menswear trends by Loft1 for FW20

Founded in 2012, Made in Italy brand Loft1 has immediately secured its position in menswear internationally, consolidating its success in countries such as native Italy, northern Europe, Japan and Korea. Its products are now sold in high-end multi-brand stores and they are characterized by premium quality fabrics and a bold but sophisticated style.


Let’s have a look at the top five trends by Loft1 for the  next FW20 season.

1. Casual look

Loft1’s Casual look is a perfect style for every occasion. A ready to wear outfit suitable for work days and casual evenings out.

This outfit includes cosy knitwear layered over a micro-floral print shirt and black jeans with zipped pockets. A daytime casual outfit, ideal for informal occasions.


2. Prince of Wales

A staple for the chilly autumn months, the Prince of Wales fabric is a timeless must-have.
For this outfit, a brown jacket in Prince of Wales is matched with trousers of the same colour and a white shirt in a herringbone pattern. A daytime outfit, ideal for more formal occasions.


3. White trousers

Another true must-have for the next winter season are white trousers, which make for a bolder outfit.

Loft1’s white trousers with front pleats, matched to a shirt with a leaf and red skulls micro print, under a Tartan pattern jacket, will give you a perfect mix-and-match look for the daytime.


4. Colour Blocking

Whether striped, squared or in rectangles, Colour Blocks are another important trend for the next autumn-winter season.

A striped pullover in white, rust red, blue, is here matched with corduroy trousers in colour blocks. A perfect outfit for the daytime.


5. Sheepskin Jacket

When it comes to winter outwear, the sheepskin jacket is again highly fashionable.

Matched with a shirt in ethnic print, and trousers with a tropical two-tone pattern, this double-breasted sheepskin jacket in dark brown and inner white fur completes a casual outfit perfect for the daytime.


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Edited by Roberto Orru’

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