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Sandinista! The Clash contaminates the new collection by

Fashion and music have two intertwined destinies: a union that is constantly celebrated by following different trends and thanks to the various aesthetic searchings conducted by the designers.

Fashion and music blend again into each other to create, in synergy, a series of aesthetic concepts and innovative sensory elements. This time is the legendary British Punk Rock band, The Clash, to inspire the FW 2017/2018 collection by – brand based in Bologna (Italy) and founded by Jacopo Tonelli in 2003. The music history of The Clash is a combination of culture and politics, taken to the maximum extent. Rhythmic guitarist, singer and founder of the band, Joe Strummer has made Rock&Roll history thanks to his controversial personality and his anthropological commitment. Driven by the ambition of summing up the music from all over the world, The Clash have expressed themselves with albums which have anticipated the music of the following two decades, launching absolutely innovative music trends and styles for the first time in the market.

“The Northern Lights become a creative idea its colours and iridescence are the starting point for the chromatic range of its collection.”

Firstly, it has been the turn of the double album entitled London Calling, sold at the price of a single album, and later, during the 1980s, the triple album Sandinista! has been launched. In these albums, on an avantguard basis, the band has experimented different music genres, by mixing them together, subsequently consolidated in the following years; from guitar-rock to electronics, from Caribbean rhythms to the early glimpses of grunge. Being loyal to the Punk revolutionary movement, where it is better to die than becoming rich, The Clash have radically changed their mood, especially with the Sandinista! album which has marked a new chapter in the history of British Punk Rock, where the patchanka genre was starting to gain a foothold.

“I would like nobody to say that The Clash have been a Punk band only. The Punk spirit is a wider concept than the rough and simple music generally associated to it. The Clash have been a fusion band rather than a genre band. We have mixed Reggae, Soul and Rock and Roll – all the primordial music genres – into a kind of music which is something more than the sum of single elements. The result has been something more than simple Punk music made of three chords.” With these words, Joe Strummer clearly indicates that the absence of a specific genre identity is expressed deliberately.


BEACBM CLASH – UK punk group about 1979 with Joe Strummer in white

The Clash are a band fusion, where the music genres become hybrid. The combination of different colours, styles, sounds, languages and traditions have given birth to a unique, strong and global style. “”, a word that has no geographical or cultural borders, is universal and used crosswise like the DNA of the brand founded in 2003 by Jacopo Tonelli – a businessman from Bologna, head of Jato Group.  With the idea of creating a brand that goes beyond the traditional concept of collection, and by backing a modern approach towards luxury, the new menswear collection by is homage to the iconic Sandinista! album, in which the merging of numerous music genres such as Jazz, Dub, Reggae, Ska, and obviously Punk, make everything unforeseeable and chaotic. Like each song within the album, every piece in the collection is designed as a single work of art, though amalgamated by a unique music concept, making each model timeless in an exclusive mix of creativity and craftsmanship.

The songs lyrics become embroidery decorations and enrich some of the collection clothings signed by like in a book page or sheet music, with a dynamic, irregular layout that recalls the speed and excited rhythms of Punk music during 1980s. The contrast between the traditional Kilt and the Punk mood creates a glamour and nonconformist allure. Coats, bomber jackets, Parkas and denims are brought back to life with a new impetus of colours, embroidery works and prints, contributing to create unprecedented optical effects: purple, red, military green, lead grey and black are the collection tones.

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