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Pitti Uomo 2018 becoming a film festival

International reference event for men’s fashion collections, Pitti Immagine Uomo will celebrate this year its 93ed Edition; the main theme will be the concept of ‘athleisure’ which combines the spirit of an active man, with that of a refined one. “Athlovers” is the title of the project mainly promoted by the wool factory Reda based in Biella (Italy) , which is among this year’s novelties. From 9th to 12th of January 2018, at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence (Italy), the fashion show attention will be oriented, for the first time, towards the creation of athletic-minded collections. Brands such as 42.54AeanceDyneGr1ps, and Isaora will be the main players in the fashion industry of so-called “athleisure”; inside the Polveriera building, these brands will create their own unique clothing articles, by making use of the fabrics produced by the Reda Active line. During the next edition, it will also be possible to see an increase in the number of Research Sections, aiming at identifying the trendiest brands.

The fashion show will include as many as 1,230 brands showing their collection to an audience of foreign visitors for 44% of the total. The main theme of this edition will be “Pitti Live Movie”, which can once again benefit from the special contribution by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and ICE Agency (Italian Trade Agency), already part of the Made-in-Italy support plan. According to the new General Director at Pitti Immagine, Agostino Poletto, each edition of Pitti Uomo is like a great film about men’s fashion, in its own peculiarity.  The 33rd Edition will thus include the idea of a complete film exhibition, and it will offer to all attendees the feeling of participating into a real, important film festival. Attendees will have the opportunity of going to a cinema theatre, sitting on a typical cinema seat, and watching 11 films produced by Pitti. The National Italian Chamber for Fashion will also offer its special contribution for the realization of events taking place from Florence to Milan, creating a weekly programme rich of menswear side events at a national level. Among the main novelties, the opening of the Gucci Garden in Piazza della Signoria (Florence), which is going to host a sales point where visitors can buy Limited Edition products.

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