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D’Amico, the style of modern man under an unconventional vision

Andrea D’Amico – the brand’s CEO and Co-Founder – is the real driving, creative ‘soul’ of this company and he can boast an experience of over 30 years in the luxury menswear industry, where he has always managed a team of experts and a constantly growing company. Mr. D’Amico started its own business in 1991 and, in 1996, he established a close collaboration with Fiammetta Martelli, a designer coming from the knitwear and textile industry. Fiammetta became one of the company’s associates, and she was made responsible for the Style and Product Office, allowing Andrea to expand his commercial skills and opportunities in the European and in the international markets.


All the collections signed by D’Amico are interconnected by a single guiding thread: i.e., the leather. The designer’s passion for leather is in fact highlighted by special processings which contribute to generate a connotative, extremely sports style.


The Autumn-Winter 2018/19 collection is conceived for the Leisure time and the Well-being, and it is dedicated to a sports man who also loves travelling. Jackets are realised in raw-cut leather, while traditional craftsmanship is evident in every article, in their details and in the intentionally Vintage finishings. The artisans’ skills can also be found in the washing and waxing typologies, in the aged “Suede”, as well as in the leather softness and lightness. All the accessories (belts, bags, bijoux and silver jewels) are influenced over by Berber cultural elements such as stones, amber, antiqued silver and embroideries – All easily “readable” elements in the entire collection.

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