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One question to Edward De Jonge Urbach of Four Amsterdam

Four Amsterdam

What is the key to conquer Amsterdam consumers? 

The Amsterdam consumer needs to be surprised every time they come to the store. This has to do with the collections and brands but even more by the experience. Also our clients know that everybody is welcome and all clients are important and get the same treatment. We try to give the best service, great coffee and invite our clients for exclusive launches and music events. With Four Amsterdam we’re building a community.


Which is the product category best sell according to the season in Amsterdam? 

That really depends on the brand but I would say sneakers and jersey but also jackets from certain brands and denim from another brand. This has to do with the specialty of a brand but also what is brand is known for and what is hot or not….


 How much is important visual merchandising to increase the sells? 

We thing that VM is really important since we sell a luxury product and this is how it should be displayed. This starts with our buying where we always choose a color group to buy into. We already see the VM in the store when we buy. Then we change the VM every week to surprise our regular customers but also to push the slow movers. Presentation is key!

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