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Interview with Diego Dossola of Ultràchic

Diego Dossola - Ultrachic

Tell us. How was this brand born? When did its activity start?

Ultràchic was born in 2007 with three models of scarf in cashmere in the colours of the Italian football clubs. Its very name “Ultrà” (in Italian language, football fan) comes from that idea, while the word “chic” refers to the quality of its yarns. The brand has rapidly obtained economic success and it has succeeded in accessing prestigious stores such as Biffi, Tessabit, Penelope and many others. In recent years, all these stores have become important partners, offering us the possibility of expanding our activity and consolidating our market position. A lot of time has passed since the brand’s birth, and over 30 collections have been launched into the market since then. Initially, we mostly produced T-shirts but then we started to design knitwear and some dresses to be presented at fashion trade fairs in Paris, Berlin, Milan and Florence. In 2015, we realised our first, real collections and started to participate in our first fashion weeks. Dubai and Shangai were the cities which firstly invited us to realize a catwalk for an international public, but our “first time” was all made in Italy, at the ancient Greek theatre of Taormina (Sicily) for the TAOMODA Award event. Our next steps were Via Monte Napoleone (Milan), thanks to the award of The Woolmark Comany, in collaboration with Vogue Italia and, in 2018, finally our entry into the official agenda of the MFW, thanks to the support of the National Italian Chamber for Fashion! This was a great honour, but it also bore the burden of being on the same stage used by the greatest and most famous designers and brands across the world. In that situation, your knees tremble for fear…


What did you draw inspiration from in creating your collections?

The Collections by Ultràchic are always characterised by colour, which is the top player, and by prints! At any season, we explore a different theme under a visionary, ironic and easygoing approach. In the end, on my opinion, fashion should be a funny activity to express the different dimensions of our personality, which cannot always be shown off in the daily routine!


If you should describe your brand in three words, which would you use?

As I have already said, for Ultràchic the colour is its natural habitat. If I had to define our style, I would start from our clientèle. They are ultra feminine but not so obvious women, who love to express their uniqueness and get noticed even before having pronounced a single word!


What are the brand’s next goals?

We have been collaborating with a very important showroom for four seasons, Elisa Gaito, and, thanks to this partnership, our brand is always present in over 100 stores across Italy and the world. Our main goal is clearly to continue on expanding our market, both in countries that are already important to us – Europe, in primis, but also in the Middle East – and in new markets such as the Japan and Russia, where women are looking for a more and more customised, unique style. The next F/W 2021 Collection will be launched at Hong Kong thanks to a special agreement that we have recently entered with Magazzin Group Limited. It represents a remarkable challenge for us. In the last year, we have seen the decline of many luxury brands and this has taught to us that the Chinese market is extremely complicated to understand. But it is also a fantastic opportunity to to find new bran fans, or better Ultra.. Chic fans.

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