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Interview to Giacomo Vannuccini from Boutique Tricot

Tricot Boutique - Giacomo Vannucci

Tell us about the professional experience that led you to the realization of successful boutiques such as Tricot Boutique.

After obtaining a degree in Political Science and International Relations, I worked as Italy’s commercial director of a clothing brand. Later, I also decided to make my contribution to the family business, Boutique Tricot, created by my mother. Together we have achieved excellent results and this makes us very proud.  We have received further satisfaction in our digital work through our e-commerce which continues to represent an important part of our business. Today Tricot offers 200 brands and a complete luxury segment supported by emerging top brands.


How was Tricot Boutique organized in this particular moment?

Purchases have actually moved massively online. Our boutique, following the decree of closure of the shop, has concentrated every effort on online activities and for now the sector is performing well.


How do you imagine Milan Fashion Week in September?

The scenario is complicated, but I can imagine that it will not be possible to place orders in May or June. Probably this could be a useful opportunity to reorganize the whole fashion system; for example, it could be possible to postpone the sales by 45 days, receiving the goods in July and buying the new collections only in September.


Are there new projects in your future?

We will open a new Tricot boutique and this new store will represent a dynamic container dedicated to luxury and continuous research. This new boutique will also be a meeting place for art and music. The boutique will be able, whenever we wish, to be overturned in its internal structure and colors thanks to the presence of removable pieces that will compose it. There will also be a hub dedicated to special events created in collaboration with the brands. In this regard, we had established a calendar that unfortunately, due to covid19, we had to cancel but we will resume as soon as possible with even more enthusiasm.  Certainly at the opening, postponed hopefully at the end of July, we will organize an exhibition dedicated to Fellini, a tribute to his extraordinary figure and to his famous film 8 ½ shot in our famous town Chianciano Terme. 

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