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Interview to Alice Gentilucci, Creative Director of Alabama Muse

Alice Gentilucci of Alabama Muse

From an internationally acclaimed stylist to an entrepreneur, how was the Alabama Muse brand born?

I started as a fashion editor in the 90s with Franca Sozzani at Vogue Italia. At that time the profession of stylist was not very well known, the fashion editorial staff was composed of a few journalists and we worked on everything, selecting collections, locations, team and production.

In those years, there was a stylistic and photographic creativity of great value, the stylist could mix the garments and create new trendy suggestions.

Over time, real collaborations with international brands were born, so we learned to work better on the product. We were able to recognize the materials and their names, to combine them, the methods with which they were sewn by the seamstresses.

I was lucky enough to learn from excellent masters and so after working for others, I instinctively felt the desire to express myself with a project of my own.

I love fashion, music, cinema and above all, animals, so I created a “animalfriendlyfur” collection. For years, I wished to wear a fur garment, but my conscience did not allow me to, the furs so called “eco-fur” in the mass market were not cared for, fur loss, touch sticky, synthetic linings and the beautiful ones of the designers were very expensive. And so, from these passions and these reflections was born Alabama Muse animalfriendlyfur (I hate the word “fake” LOL).


Your first collection is a glamorous animal friendly tribute, tell us about the collection.

Alabama Muse’s 20/21 collection is inspired by rock icons like Blondie, Bowie, Tina Turner and Miley Cirus, a feminine underground world and at the same time eclectic, no genders, eccentric without forcing.

Candy-color for long hair, eco-friendly monkey, kidassia and Mongolian fur, colours ranging from emerald green to lilac, purple, yellow, big buble and biscuit color.

The volumes are slim and over for soft jackets and coats that combined with collars, scarves and vests create a personal and unique style. The tribal furs use natural tones, furs colors ranging from lynx to jackal, combined with soft lamb with contrasting Mongolian fur inserts; elegant and eclectic in the long vest and jacket dedicated to Hendrix, while the parka with Mongolian fur crest is not only a feminine exclusive.

The 70’s chevron design of the collection has the hypnotic tone of milk and leather with a wide collar and shoulder straps in the dressing gown: it is also proposed in a black and white zig-zag version with wrists enriched with kidassia inlay.

The Chanel in ivory goatskin texture has a contrasting piping and is finished with maxi pearl buttons, the midi length kalgan fur models have cream and milk colours and ribbed wool double round collars. In the same texture also the double-breasted straight-line coat with kidassia fur sleeves. The kimono in black goatskin texture with the same contrasting fur edge, lined in coral silk, is a unique piece which preserves the oriental charm of a no gender couture outfit.


In market terms do you think faux fur can win over real fur? Why?

Fur is a status, an iconic garment, the materials I use are perfectly identical to the sight and touch of animal coats. The fibre’s processing techniques are now enhanced by a special technology, “warp knitting”, which, thanks to a patented process, prevents the fur from falling out and ensures, at the same time, soft and fluid coats. The cut is handcrafted piece by piece, with more than an hour of work.  The impeccable finishes of our Made in Italy make the final result an excellent garment. Another fundamental argument is “eco-sustainability”. The animal friendly materials are almost totally sustainable: the presence of recycled polyester inside and the use of vegetable dyes make this fiber the ideal texture on which modulate different processes and patterns of fur. Without forgetting that acrylic fibre is very sustainable considering that its production cycle has an impact on the environment 5 times less than wool, mindful of the damage that comes from animal breeding. This is to answer the question that, today, we have a competitive product, with a valid aesthetic alternative, with equally complex manufacturing processes and above all with respect for nature and animals.


You chose Milan to launch your brand. What role does Milan fashion week play these days?

I was born in Milan; I live in Milan and Milan has given me many opportunities. Consequently, I could not have made a different choice. I think Milan Fashion Week is very important at an international level. Above all, I believe that Made in Italy is the excellence.


Where do you want to place your collections?

Alabama Muse is a collection that embraces a lifestyle philosophy; designed for those who love to dress with respect and uniqueness.

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