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Bianca Imbembo, CEO of Kilesa brand, has chosen sustainability

Bianca Imbembo, CEO of Kilesa

How has your career path evolved, until you decided to become an entrepreneur? Why did you decide to create a bag brand?

I have always had a great passion for everything that is culture and especially for fashion and I have always considered the handbag accessory as a complement to a look, or rather, the frame of a painting. I have a beautiful family that I adore and I have always managed my professional life doing what I liked. From when my children grew up, there was a strong need to challenge myself and create something that would make me a realized woman in all aspects, which is why Kilesa was born.


Kilesa demonstrated her environmental awareness especially with the creation of EcoBag Kilesa. Tell us about this wonderful idea.

From the very first moment Kilesa has always had a keen eye for environmental sustainability, in fact it receives ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. The consideration that fashion is made of different contents and that the use of eco-sustainable products does not make them less valuable, has resulted that Kilesa has created a PET bag obtained by recycling plastic bottles.


In your opinion, is it possible for a brand to be trendy but eco-friendly season after season?Are customers also interested in sustainability?

Personally, I think that an eco-friendly product is already trendy in itself due to its structure and quality. Kilesa also made some time ago, with a national TV, a beautiful video to tell the journey of the PET bottle and promote the project. The mindset of many, however, still fails to understand the importance of an eco-friendly product, which is still considered a niche product. The consumer, in my opinion, should be educated not only through communication by the individual brands that represent sustainable fashion, but also through the support of the institutions.

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