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Antonio Marras. Seipersei

Antonio Marras Seipersei

On November 25, the Art Gallery “Massimo Minini” based in Milan has hosted the first exhibition entitled “Antonio Marras. Seipersei”, which has included a wide range of works by Marras, upon an accurate selection by Massimo Minini; many of those works have never been presented to the public before, and some have been specifically created for the exhibition. For this exhibition, an Artist’s book has also been realised by Antonio Marras, thanks to the special collaboration with the art dealer Massimo Minini: the book is born from a series of photos about Marras’ hands and gestures, which has been taken by the same Minini.

“I never considered the possibility of organising an exhibition of Antonio Marras before. And why should I have considered it possible after all? He is a famous, absolutely renown fashion designer; its fashion style is particular, and it is linked to all arts and, in particular, to the works by Maria Lai, of whom Marras is a great admirer and promoter – maybe one of her disciples or colleagues. The world in which Marras makes his creations and operates is a particular place. An island having a strong identity, culture, language and even a prehistory.” Massimo Minini has commented on an official press release.

Once again, Antonio Marras has proposed looks and fragments of what will become part of his creations. It is a way of dragging maps and marking territories, a way of organising voices and silence.  Marras likes to make experimentations, and he is capable of “feeling” the different realities around him; his work is always intermingling with the arts, music, dance, drama and cinema: all this is an alphabet to communicate with. He is an artist who cannot be ascribed to a single category only; he is a ‘creativity volcano’ with no limits.

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