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Teddy, three-year plan aims to double sales

Teddy Rimini group, Italian fast fashion leader, signs a 3 year plan that aims to double volume sales. In fact, the intention is to increase the current incomes of  € 550 Mln to € 900 Mln in 2019. What actually proves the new business strategy of the group (owner brand of Terranova, Rinascimento and Calliope) is the decision of the top management of leaving the operating authority to 60 years. Having already formed his own substitute.

Alessandro Bracci, Teddy’s group Ceo, is 42 years old, he has yet time to pass before he reaches 60. But the rule also applies for him, ensures, “with a deal like that each of us will be force and grow their own vice”.

The operation has a dual purpose: always having a first young line (without sacrificing the experience gained) and give a growing perspective to young people in the company. Teddy the group has around 2,500 employees, each year takes about 200 new and has as philosophy domestic growth.

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