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Mercedesz Henger poses for Mary D’Aloia

With its Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Mary D’Aloia wants to pay tribute to the eternal love between fashion and cinema. Evoking the glories of Italian cinema, the designer conveys unique emotions, veiled with an unmistakable Italian style.

Cinemozione” is the title of the new collection, coined by the same designer who declared: “I want to celebrate Italian cinema and all those movies that convey strong emotions. The inspiration came during a late autumn evening, when by chance I came across a cult movie, “Vacanze Romane”, interpreted by the extraordinary Audrey Hepburn”. Film star and fashion icon, Audrey has left her mark in the imaginary of the designer, who took inspiration from the actress’ elegant demeanor to create simple clothes able to enhance the natural beauty of every woman.

Testimonial of the campaign is the young and beautiful Mercedesz Henger.

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