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Souvenir Clubbing
Centergross, Blocco 14
Via dei Cardatori
40050 Funo di Argelato (BO)


Tel.: +39 051 6647443

Souvenir is a brand designed for an active woman who works, travels, stays outdoors, always paying great attention to detail.

In a few years of activity, Souvenir has grown exponentially, so to become a case study. The choice has proved successful, but the growth of the company is not only due to this. Souvenir not only measures performance, but also invests heavily in the people who are the basis of the commercial project.

Souvenir’s style is not only evident in the collections, but above all in the way they do business and engage in constructive dialogue, following ethical principles that aim at the common good of the entire production and distribution chain, right up to the final consumer.


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