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Siste’s s.p.a.
via dei Cardatori – Block 6
40050 Funo di Argelato (BO)

 (+39) 051 864678
 (+39) 051 860049


Siste’s, the clothing brand run by the Sbrighi family, was founded in 1991. The brand name represents the initials shared by Simone and Stefano Sbrighi, who currently work in the company respectively as Creative Director and Sales Manager.
Siste’s, a young brand with its roots lodged in the early 1950s, represents the perfect harmony of the two brothers’ modern expressions and the long-standing textile experience boasted by the family who is still involved in the company in a highly active role. The great passion for fashion, the specialisation in the production of women’s clothing and the secrets of the craft and specific manufacturing techniques have been handed down from generation to generation, consolidating the time-honoured family history.

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