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Via San Giuseppe, 77
21047 Saronno (VA)


Tel: (+39) 02 83556915

Helena Soretti is a young Italian brand that has become very famous in Italy in a relatively short time and continues to conquer the hearts of fashionistas around the world.

The designers of Helena Soretti FASHION HOUSE create incredibly comfortable, high-quality and sexy shoes.
They are a team who combines the experience, creativity and passion in shoes creating.

Models, that are made of the best types of leather and distinguished by rich colors, combine the best materials, technology, tradition and innovation of the Italian footwear industry.

Each product from Helena Soretti is subject to mandatory quality control.
At the same time, by optimizing the management, we were able to achieve a more acceptable price policy.

Each pair of shoes is literally charms, penetrates to the heart and wins the consummate Italian chic and perfect quality.

Helena Soretti is not just a name, but it is a style that extorts our admiration!

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