Gil Santucci FIRST

Distributed by SMD s.r.l.
Via dei Cardatori
Blocco 6 – Centergross
40050 Funo di Argelato (BO) Italy

Tel. (+39) 051 9848299
Fax (+39) 051 9848350

Fashion as music…a unique love.

Rock music, limitless inspiration for my collections, has always given my creations a strong personality, perfect for a very self-confident woman. In this collection however, I also think about a versatile woman who can be chic and glamour at the same time. I’ve reshaped a more refined line, elegant and caring about the details…a peculiarity which gives unicity to any woman wearing my clothes….

In order to enhance the silhouette and confer it some movement, I use fringes launching them into a more modern and chic version. I combine studs and glam inserts on valued and exclusive ton on ton fabrics and I work on the leather for a stronger femininity “which ignores the word impossible”.

I am Gil and I love every impossible thing because it can be overcome with style and, before, with the thought of creativity and the wish of doing. Just like this, for giving voice to my creative thoughts. There’s my pen drawing, the radio playing, my mind driving and someone important who listens to me and sew my inner self.

Have a good collection!


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