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DIXIE S.r.l.

Via Palmiro Togliatti, 9/A
50058 Signa (FI)
Tel. (+39) 055 8734357


Centergross – Blocco 12
Via dei Lanaioli 33/35
40050 Funo di Argelato (BO) – Italy
Tel. (+39) 051 0564300

Founded in Florence at the end of the 80s, Dixie draws on the artistic soul of the Italian city, getting constantly inspired by its rétro yet contemporary vibes.
Rooted in the Made in Italy excellence, the brand’s lavish aesthetics loves to revamp vintage styles, introducing ideas of polished preciousness to enhance the allure of everyday chic.
Dixie offers total looks for a creative and true-to-herself woman, who’s keen to follow fashion trends but who’s also able to shape them on her identity. The brand encourages her woman to play with style, rocking that romantic allure with personality and boldness.


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