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Abraham Industries srl
Via Fosse Incrociate 284
47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)


Tel.: +39 0541 32771

Circus Hotel was born in 2012 when Gaia Zattini designs her first collection playing with pattern and polka dots, lines and graphic color block. These features influenced by the circus imaginary, characterize the name of the brand, together with the idea of continuous evolution by melting into every collection different essences upcoming from new journeyS and places.


Knitwear is the absolute protagonist, cheerful and versatile, renewed among jacquards, overmodern inlaying and daring working, playing with lines, colors and graphics.


In the second part of 2016 a new project of collection has been developed in order to define and improve the brand image in the worldwide market place keeping intact the original strong brand identity.

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