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Unconventional Bijoux

Via Roma Bijoux

The bijoux line from Via Roma Bijoux brand is born from an encounter between street style and a sophisticated, modern mood. This brand production is based in Italy, and it is distributed among the cities of Venice, Vincenza and Padua. The collection style is characterised by a refined Street touch;


The material used to realize each piece of the collection is brass, with trimmings in antiqued 925% silver.  The stones applied to these creations are all natural and they include stones such as jasper, agate, and quartzes in various colourings.


Innovation is the main feature identifying the brand’s DNA, as declared by Giuseppe, the artistic director:


“My favourite laboratory? 

The street.

Yes, I am a street designer. A direct contact with those who intensively live their day, the frenzies of everyday, the feelings, the experiences, the travels, the wishes… This is the laboratory where I process my feelings to make them become my own style!


My way of thinking?

You must never give up fighting for the realisation of your dreams and projects, because if you love what you do, you cannot do without doing it. The strength you feel in realising your own dream is all the greater as you more intensively feel that your dream is the only choice you have.”

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