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VEJA – sneakers made with positive impact

At last, the world is starting to realize that the environmental crisis has by now reached dramatic levels, and that it is extremely urgent to address the problem.


All people across the globe is looking for a change, new action and transparency. This is what the VEJA brand tries to describe in its production, making these pillars part of its own strategy.


This French footwear brand is named after a Portuguese word (“veja”), which literally means “to look at”: i.e., to look at sneakers, what they symbolize and what stands behind their creation.


Exactly through sneaker shoes, the brand is trying to stand out. As a matter of fact, for fourteen years, it has been striving to make the footwear production more ethical and eco-friendly, by importing organic cotton directly from Peruvian or Brazilian farmers, while experimenting new materials such as chromium-free suede or Amazonian natural rubber.


By mixing together a form of Minimal aesthetics with the most innovative technology, the next Veja SS20 Collection is created – and entirely realised in Brazil – to combine the Vegan, green philosophy with modern techniques and gaudy colours.

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