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“You’re wearing out things that nobody wears…Sweet emotion” 

Aerosmith, Sweet Emotion.

Barracuda gives birth to a new footwear concept with the intention of following Aerosmith band’s ambition: about 42 years ago, with their Sweet Emotion – one of the band’s most popular songs – this rock band changed the Rock music forever, as well as the way everybody dresses.


The mission of Barracuda is that of offering emotions by launching a new trend through running shoes that are “the feather in the cap” for the next Spring-Summer 2018 collection.


As much agile as a Rock solo, the new Redhead shoes with the iconic B initial of Barracuda set between the shoe laces and the sole have been scientifically designed to impress the audience, with the wish of conveying a sweet emotion: “E-motion” is their name and vocation.


While being dynamic, irresistible shoes, the E-motion line suggests a deep research in design, craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation – the true pillars on which Barracuda has built up its identity, which is perfect for the sophisticated and style-conscious customers.


And if the red of speed and passion is born to inspire Him in every moment of the ritual (from the moment he touches and wears these shoes to the run), the winning choice for Her has taken a parallel direction. Between a delicate beige and the rosy tones on the iconic B – emblem of a different, elegant style and comfort, E-motion shoes will certainly not pass unnoticed.

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