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Francesco Lanzoni FW18/19 shoe collection

Francesco Lanzoni shoe brand officially born 49 years ago when Francesco Lanzoni decided to bring the design and the quality of his creation outside the artisan shop of his father and granfather. After four generation the brand philosophy is still the same: sophisticated design, innovative techniques and materials, extreme care in quality.


His unconventional idea of shoes, using unexpected lines in combination with materials never used before (such as aluminum from soda cans or sea sand and shells) and techniques uncommon for shoes (such as hand painting, real ceramic and mosaic) leads Francesco Lanzoni to become a well known brand in the shoes world. 


The Fall Winter 18/19 Collection is rich of casual comfortable shoes of very fashionable design. An important focus is pointed on the printed leather and details which makes the shoes look glamorous and stylish at the same time. High quality leather, comfort fit, vast colour variety are the strength of the brand.

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