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Founded in the Italian coastal town of Cattolica, footwear brand Mimanera specialises in hand-made customisations that render its playful shoes absolutely unique.

The company relies on a team of customisers, each of them a specialised professional. 

Starting form the blank canvas of iconic styles by famous sportswear brands, Mimanera creates original footwear by customising each pair with sophisticated materials, including special fabrics and textiles, Swarovski crystals and studs. Their mission is to make each shoe a unique piece.
The source of inspiration for Mimanera’s collections comes from research into trends and seasonal themes, each pair can also be made exclusive by using drawings and ideas created by the brand’s customers when they visit one of the stores.
Mimanera’s customised shoes for adults and children can be found on the company’s website or in one of their stores in Cattolica, Rimini, Riccione or Cesenatico.
Here are the five key trends Mimanera has included in their FW20 Women’s collection 

1. Adidas Superstar Fix

The famous Adidas Superstar shoes will still be a staple for the coming Autumn-Winter season.
Mimanera is dialling it up a notch by adding studs and glitters, perfect for creating a daytime casual outfit, to be matched, for example, to denim trousers and a colourful top.

2. Dr. Martens Rest In Love

White boots will be a key trend for AW20. Mimanera revisited these Dr. Martens classic boots by adding floral patches and black paint. This shoe is ideal for the daytime and evening alike, great for any informal event. They are a perfect match for a flowy long dress or skirt. Black, of course.

3. Vans Full Borchie

Vans shoes come in virtually every colour in their high and low top options, but this customized version is something else. These fully studded classic black Vans shoes can make any daytime casual outfit edgy.

4. Converse Platform Leo-B

Animal prints will be ubiquitous this coming season. 
Mimanera’s high top All Star shoes with platform are customized with a leopard print fabric and colourful glitters. They are perfect for a daytime look or to brighten up a total black outfit.

5. Converse Platform Gold Skin

All Star shoes are among the most beloved shoes ever, no other can beat their popularity.
Here, the classic high top All Star shoes with platform, are customized with white snakeskin and added Swarovski crystals. They are perfect for a daytime outfit or for the evening, perfect to to make a long dress less formal.

Edited by Roberto Orru’

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