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Bruno Shoemaker: among tradition, innovation and eco-sustainability


Bruno Shoemaker – a 100% made-in-Italy brand – was founded in 2017 upon an initiative by Miriam, who decided to abandon her academic studies to realize her dream – to design handcrafted shoes.


Bruno’s shoes are generated by a combination of craftsmanship skills and research, and they are mostly based on an essential style, without any non-functional decorations, according to an eco-sustainable perspective. Among the different brand models, the collection includes Unisex footwear, Oxford and Derby shoes that are made by using vegetable-tanned, natural leather and skins only.


Customers choosing Bruno Shoemaker want a durable, customizable shoe, not just opting for a determined colour but also for a typology of leather and for specific shoe features like the heel, the shoe height and the trimming.


The hand-made manufacturing combined with a vision oriented towards the respect for the customers and the natural environment are the true added value for BRUNO.

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