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Atlantis, the FW18/19 collection by Chiara Cesaraccio

Drawing inspiration from the myth of Atlantis, the Atlantis Collection by Chiara Cesaraccio represents a continuous searching for numerous, forgotten “small worlds”: for example, the terciopelo velvet (a valuable triple-layer velvet with flower pattern) realised with a rare handloom which is still used in Italy. With their shape, the golden filigree buttons are recaIling the breast of goddess Tanit – emblem of womanliness.


Su kokku, 925 silver or gold filigree amulets – are the fruits of a multi-centenary goldsmith’s tradition, enclosing a heart of black obsidian or pink quartz. They are the cultural heritage of an island, Sardinia, considered by somebody as the lost ancient Atlantis.  


Equally valuable materials such as pure python leather in golden scute, or the 100% made-in-Italy suede, or the heels covered by 24-carat gold leaves are also applied. 

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