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Orciani – A quest for authentic, sensual femininity

The flow of ideas, forms, colours and materials used in this new Spring-Summer 2018 collection by Orciani is driven by an unstoppable desire of “travelling around” to re-discover a simple, authentic femininity that highlights every woman’s sensuality. In addition to this femininity, a key player is also the light and its reflection on skin.


Under a typically Summer-alike atmosphere, the orange, lemon and tobacco colours are the basic, recurrent tones to which a more metallic-Glam soul is matched. The design includes leather naps that get “alive” such as the jellyfish drawing that moves across space, becoming imperceptible and impalpable – a sign of a sensual but not showing-off womanliness.


By getting inspiration from the imagery connected with Medusa (or jellyfish), an effect of light and electricity is created by using retroreflective materials.

While continuing with the exploration of this new collection and the usage of retroreflective fabrics, it is possible to discover a dimension with lotus flowers, which are realised in a stylised texture, or geometric prints with micro rhombuses in delicate, sophisticated tones.


Within the geometric patterns, compositions with leather triangles, finely applied against a retroreflective background, can be found: this contributes to create a “magic” play of lights, including velvety suede leather enriched with laser-made drawings recalling African tribal archetypes.


The variety of materials and colours ranges from valuable piton leather models, pastel-coloured models to examples with chromatic contrasts, through Circus-inspired geometries or marine fantasies.


The absolutely new entry is “BELLA”, which better represents the concept of femininity and softness: a simple briefcase in seemingly masculine lines that converts itself into an “ultra feminine” accessory with harmonious proportions.


The collection can also offer cross-body bags or light, comfortable and soft shoulders bags that are suitable for a dynamic woman who does not give up elegance.


Even in these models, a plays of forms is created thanks to a series of internal magnets that modify the volumes.


As far as belts are concerned, there is a return to a Wild and Folk style, to be matched with super feminine dresses which are characterised by jewellery buckles that confer preciousness even to a Sporty outfit; or you can find more Classical belts with covered buckles or in a thin design, as well as belts knotted up to a precious corset in multicolour piton.

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